Integrative Psychotherapy. Mind-Body Therapy. 

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Integrative psychotherapy is an approach to wellness that recognizes the interconnection between mind, body and spirit. Rooted in ancient healing principles, it offers a natural way of attaining inner clarity, personal fulfillment, and physical and emotional health. 

Dr. Reznik has been a practitioner of integrative psychotherapy (integrative mind-body therapy) for over thirty years. He helps people overcome illness and achieve their personal and professional goals by using individual sessions, group lectures and classes, and/or business consultation and training programs.

At the heart of his therapeutic approach are two guiding principles. First, all problems - whether physical or emotional - are considered within the larger web of your life. Presenting complaints often point to the need to correct imbalances that exist within other vital aspects of your life. Second, you possess innate mental resources that can be used to restore your balance, harmony, and health.

No matter what the issue, Dr. Reznik teaches you how to:

•gain a broader understanding of your life challenge, problem and/or illness, enabling the development of a treatment approach that is holistic and curative
•discover and release emotional toxins
•use powerful mental techniques for symptom relief and problem resolution
•implement life changes needed to achieve and maintain optimal health

A variety of techniques are used to achieve             these goals including: